Transit Flow is an experiment using D3 and BART data to explore how Bay Area transit ridership changes throughout the day.


HTML/CSS, JS, d3.js, BART ridership data, Sketch

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Visualizing BART Ridership Data

This project began as a desire to tell a narrative about the city around me. So much of our surroundings, relationships, and interactions go unnoticed even though we experience them everyday. I think the way people interact with urban infrastructure can be at the heart of these stories.

As cities continue to grow and think about what smart, sustainable development means, it seems especially important to look at issues from both a quantitative data lens as well as a human narrative.

View the project in browser (requires desktop Chrome)

Exploring BART data using good ol' Numbers and conditional formatting, I could already see some patterns where ridership was high.
Sketch app, was a great design tool to use for exploring early visual concepts.
Finding ways to highlight certain parts of the data narrative was the fun part.
I used Sketch to trace over the BART map, which then allowed me to pull coordinate data from each vector and draw using D3.
Seeing the concept first come to life was better than any snake game ever.

Transit Flow was featured in The Atlantic's City Lab, a publication focused on stories about the cities of the future — and those who want to live there.